December 2022

Hall Renovations Fundraising Update

What we are doing

2022 has been an amazing fundraising year for us, including a quiz night, a bingo night, a gift day at church, a Christmas card post box for donations and grant applications. Currently the total funds raised stands at £37,300! We’ve been overwhelmed by the positivity and support from the whole community, and we are grateful for every single donation. Thank you all so much.

Particular thanks goes out to the Bures Music Festival for awarding us £1000 this year in addition to the £487 they gave us previously – thank you for your generosity! Thanks also to the Benefact Trust for awarding us £3600 this year, it is a great help.

It was required that we started work before the end of this year, in order to retain planning permission. It is a tricky time to get hold of builders, and just when we thought we would miss our deadline, the wonderful Graham Baster and team arrived (in spite of the snow and ice)! They dug the foundations for our new glass corridor, and so we have satisfied Building’s Control, and are now able to proceed without work without a deadline. Thank you Lord!

We will now take a pause from the actual building work, while we continue our fundraising efforts. Building costs have increased since we put in for planning permission pre-pandemic, and we estimate the total now to be around £200,000. there is lots of work still to do, but we have plenty of fundraisers and grant applications lined up and we are looking forward to seeing what 2023 holds.