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Bures Baptist Church is excited to share with you the plans we are working towards for renovations to our hall! We would love you all to be part of making this a modern, future-proofed facility providing welcome, care and prayer in the heart of Bures for generations to come.

Why are you renovating?

Initially so we don’t one day fall through the floorboards! There is substantial work necessary on the floor, but with it we also plan to modernise the kitchen and reconfigure our rooms to optimise the use of space.

The Hall

The hall floor is being replaced, stage and internal entrance porch being removed, maximising space.

Picture of the hall facing the porch end
Picture of the hall facing the stage end

The Kitchen

The kitchen is being expanded across to the width of the building and refitted to modern standard.

A picture of the new kitchen
The new meeting room

New Meeting Room

A new meeting room (with hatch and door to kitchen) is being created between the kitchen and the hall.

Walkway and Toilets

A new wood-framed, glass corridor and entranceway is being added along the outside wall, parallel to the kitchen, such that toilets, hall, meeting room and kitchen can all be accessed separately. The toilets will be reconfigured into three separate toilets off the back foyer (one disabled/baby changing), each with their own sinks.

The new covered walkway running alongside the kitchen from the hall to the toilets

Future Use

We hope the renovations will make a safe and comfortable home for the work that currently runs here and also that it will enable us to branch out in new ways!