during the Coronavirus pandemic


If you are unable to get supplies that you need and friends and relatives are unable to help:

Essex Coronavirus Action have lots of volunteers and can be messaged on Facebook.

You can also call Essex Adult Social Care on 0345 6037630 (08:45-16:30) or email socialcaredirect@essex.gov.uk. Suffolk don’t appear to have the same system but Essex Corona Action have links to various wider circles and would be worth contacting anyway.

Various people on ‘Beautiful Bures’ Facebook group have offered help with shopping etc. If you need access to these contacts, ask one of us who has Facebook.  


It is highly recommended that you make space for leisure, hobbies and projects in all this. Are there books you’ve always meant to read? TV programmes? Games or quizzes you can do over the phone? Craft?

Whatever you are doing getting yourself in a daily or weekly routine of some sort can really help. You might want to schedule yourself a range of activities for fitness, relaxation, household tasks, reading, craft etc.


The National Trust are allowing people to park and walk their grounds for free, so if you can get there, it is a great way to relax and get some exercise. Otherwise walks around the village are brilliant too. Keeping fit is really important for both mental and physical wellbeing. Although please do not go out if you are experiencing Coronavirus symptoms, until you have self-isolated for the appropriate length of time.

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