Sunday Studies

during the Coronavirus pandemic

The week links above, are resources for us to all use on Sunday mornings. I have planned for the next 3 months. With some contingency plans for after that if need be.

It would be great if we could all do this at 10:30 on a Sunday, in the knowledge that we are together in spirit.

I recommend doing this with your household, on the phone with a friend or over video call (if you have facility) with another household. If you have Skype, a few people can join in at once.

Please make sure that your church friends all have someone to do this with, and if you don’t have someone, or you know of someone who hasn’t, get in touch. It might be you could even do it with family or friends not usually at church. It might be you could do it multiple times that morning with multiple friends!

If you do not have a Bible, or don’t have enough devotional materials for prayer/Bible study, do get in touch below.

It is likely in future that I will start producing weekly content to supplement the resources, probably online (over the Internet) since this is the safest way to distribute it. I don’t want to keep doing letter-drops for safety’s sake. If you are not on the web, a friend may be able to read/play you this content over the phone. Or if you do not have the Internet and would like to try, we may be able to get you a device and set it up for you in a very simple, basic way. Get in touch below if you are interested.

If you are willing/able to continue to give to our weekly offering, we would really appreciate it. Your support enables the church to function! If you can safely set it aside at home over the coming weeks, please do. Another option would be to keep a tab of what you would normally have withdrawn from your account and give it all at a later date. Details on how you can transfer money directly to us can be found here or you can contact our treasurer Pam Moulton on or get in touch below.

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