during the Coronavirus pandemic

It is going to be critical for all of us that we stay-connected with one another in the weeks ahead.

  • Phone calls will be critical. For the sake of yourselves and others, do call your friends regularly. If your current phone deal makes this expensive, look at changing it so you can use the phone more freely. If need be ask a friend or relative to help you organise this. If you cannot get any help get in touch below.


  • Remember those who are single, self-isolating or mentally distressed. Please do not assume that everyone is looking after everyone else. It only takes one phone call to find out.

    Some people are making it a habit to call one person in need every day, this is a brilliant simple ministry if you can do it.
    > Get in a routine, so you don’t forget. If you have a regular pattern to your chats it can really help (e.g. Calling your brother on a Monday, calling a couple of people living alone on a Tuesday etc)
  • I will be keeping in touch with the deacons regularly to get information on who is speaking with whom, we will be trying our best to make sure everyone stays connected one way or another.
  • For some people (health care workers, supplies workers, parents of school-age children etc) this could be a busier time than ever, so if you do have time to speak with the lonely and isolated in our church fellowship (and beyond) it is incredibly helpful if you can do this.

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