Youth Club

Next on: 7:30 pm - July 20, 2018

Bored on a Friday night?

There’s table tennis, pool, a Wii, Xbox and a tuck shop. We also have some music/sound equipment, play tournaments/games and go on trips. Sometimes we’ll organise discussions on big topics. Youth Club members can come and go during the evening, and it’s free to attend.

Youth Club is for anyone in school years 9 to 13 (or equivalent if not at school)

Almost every Friday during term time. It always starts at 7:30, but ends at 10pm during British Summertime, and 9:30pm in the winter months.

Young people arriving for the first time will be asked to fill out a form with contact details, and to sign to say that they’ll stick to the rules. Then the parent/guardian will be posted a full consent form, or you can download one here..

For any unscheduled changes to dates and times, or for information about one-off activities, we’ll email the addresses on the parent/guardian form.